Altum Social Mission

Altum Social Mission

Giving Back

Community Advocates

People, Plants & Places

In a fast changing world, the way we live and the way we do business matters. Altum Mind’s mission, on the road and at home in our community, is to serve a flourishing of People, Plant and Place. Transparency and connection are at the heart of everything we do; our love for the land and a true accountability to each other are what makes this work worthwhile.

Beyond transparency, giving back at Altum looks like investing in creative, ecological and social projects within our communities. Below you can learn more about our growing ecosystem of events, partnerships and collaborative actions:


People - Inclusive, creative and sustainable economies and collective wellbeing.
Plant - Honoring the craft, plant intelligence/ healing properties, and best practices for sustainability.
Place - Loving the land, the sea and our community.

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