We've been here all along.

We've been here all along.

Wholesale Cannabis Distribution & Farmer Services

Northern California

Who we are

A Bridge for Creative Cannabis Relations

We are a fully licensed wholesale distributor located in Arcata, California. As cannabis moves from the shadows into the spotlight, we uphold the spirit which has seen this dynamic plant evolve from the secret heart of California to mainstream consumption —the spirit of integrity.

We come from a tradition that honors the handshake on a dirt road, and that quality is reflected in every aspect of Altum Mind. We’re committed to making farmers’ lives easier.

Integrity Reliability Innovation

The cannabis community is writing a new history. Never before and never again will a plant go from Schedule 1 narcotic to legal, taxed and retailed. As the American public and titans of industry alike come to understand what we’ve known all along – that cannabis is the birthright of the human race—the landscape continues to shift dramatically for those of us at the frontlines of this revolution. We are the ones with our hands in the dirt. We are the ones with our trucks on the road. We are the farmers. We are Altum Mind.

We understand the dynamics of this industry because almost every one of us have been cultivators ourselves. We created Altum Mind to be the one-stop hub for all your needs, be it processing, storage, COD on TRIM, favorable net terms on flower or in-house compliance testing. And as the industry shifts, so do we. Soon we’ll be offering compliance consulting, a flower showroom, and white labeling. We’ve been here all along.

We are Altum Mind.

Our Services

We are a multi-licensed, multi-service cannabis hub looking to make farmer's lives easier by creating a singular outlet to meet all of their cannabis needs. We provided a variety of cannabis related services from distribution, manufacturing, trim processing, storage, consulting and more.

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